Extend fibre coverage to your community

Let’s put your community on the map with high speed, reliable fibre connectivity

fibre coverage

High speed fibre broadband improves your community

Simply having fibre coverage improves your community by increasing property value and stimulating the local economy. It also improves morale.

The value of partnering with bitCONNECT

We have only 2 prerequisites

  • Minimum of 70 Homes

  • At least 60% uptake with written confirmation

Our Process


We engage with your Homeowners Association (HOA) to discuss your requirements and how bitCONNECT can add value to your community.


We conduct a complete site survey to aid in the planning of a fibre network for your complex/estate. Residents may begin to pre-order internet packages from us.


Once planning is complete we will begin with the physical installation of cabling and equipment. This includes fibre into homes and the optical network terminals in each home.


Next up is testing to ensure network quality, followed by network activation.


At this point the network is ready to use and residents may begin to order their fibre internet from us.