Fast as light. Quick like lightning. High Speed Fibre. APPLY NOW! Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled.


Fibre is the fastest and most reliable internet technology available in South Africa. Fibre internet uses glass fibers and light technology that allows you to access the internet at the speed of white light. Except that this light is actually red.

If you need internet that is reliable, fast, and capable of running multiple devices simultaneously without sweating, Fibre is definitely what you need. This way, we can provide clients with up to 200Mbps of internet access.


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If you’re completely new to fibre and haven’t already installed the OpenServe line in your home and you don’t have the OpenServe Optical Network Terminal (ONT), you’ll need to pay for the installation.

One-off costs: R1 725 (payable upon completion of installation)
This includes the line installation, ONT and a WiFi router.
Enclosed router may be modified in the interest of availability or by preference availability

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Fibre can be used by anyone but it is best suited to users with high data demands (gamers and streamers) and who seek the ultimate reliability in consumer internet connectivity. If you are looking to use many gigabytes, download at blazing fast speeds, game with the lowest possible latency and have as few as possible interruptions then this is for you.

Fibre installations can happen as quick as a couple of days from the application date but there are many factors that can affect this. Weather, workload, problems with infrastructure and more. The average installation time is usually around two weeks.

Any consumer or home internet is always the best attempt. This applies even to Optical Fiber, Wireless & LTE-A. Best effort means that the service provider always does their best to make available as much bandwidth as possible, but can not guarantee the full speed of the consumer during peak hours. This way of doing helps the service provider to offer their services cheaper to consumers.

We are all familiar with the workings of ADSL and the telephone lines used to deliver yesteryear’s internet to your home. Well, a fibre installation looks a lot like and ADSL installation. The main differences are that fibre is not copper and requires more specialised equipment (called an ONT) to connect to the fibre infrastructure.

A technician from the relevant network operator will visit you to perform installation of the drop cable (the cable that comes from the nearest pole or manhole into your home) and the ONT. Once this installation is complete, one of our technicians will visit you to install your fibre router. That’s all there is to it.

All internet services are billed in advance and in prorata. This means you pay at the beginning of the month for the following month’s internet service.

You will receive your first invoice from bitCONNECT a couple of days after your fibre service was made live. This invoice will include the cost of the installation and a prorata from the day of installation until the end of the month.

Your next invoice will be at the end of the month for the following month’s internet.

All invoices are immediately payable and must be paid no later than the last day of the invoice month. Payments should be made by EFT and proof of payment may be sent to Use your email address as reference.

Account not paid in time will be suspended.