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Are you looking for an internet connection that kicks ass as hard as you do in your favorite game? Are you looking to access the internet without the worry of lurking limitations?

We are NOT the cheapest. We're likely not the most convenient either but we'd like to think that our internet connectivity is the beez neez.


Do I have

Below are links to coverage checkers for each of our partner networks.
Click on a button to check coverage for that network. Once done,
come back here to complete your application. You can only apply
for a package on a network for which you are covered.

Need Help...?

No Telephone Line Needed... Connect More Devices... Fast & Reliable... Unlimited Joy!...

Although we endeavor to keep our coverage data as accurate as possible, we are reliant on the maps provided to us by our last-mile partners, which may sometimes have slight inaccuracies. The installation and activation fees are prescribed by the last-mile provider, not bitCONNECT

Getting Started...

Fibre can be used by anyone but it is best suited to users with high data demands (gamers and streamers) and who seek the ultimate reliability in non-mobile consumer internet connectivity. If you are looking to use many gigabytes, download at blazing fast speeds, game with the lowest possible latency and have as few as possible interruptions then this is for you.

Step 01 – Check Fibre coverage: Complete the coverage enquiry form or visit one of the listed coverage checkers to find out whether you are covered. Remember that you can only apply for packages on the network you are covered for.

Step 02 – Wait for us to check you coverage. If you are covered then sign up with bitCONNECT via our online application process.

Step 03 –  The next step is to have a Fibre line brought onto your property. Once you’ve signed up for Fibre, the relevant provider e.g. Openserve will be in touch to help you get the Fibre line installed to your premises. After that we will send you a router (if your ordered one) to get you connected.

Step 04 – Unbox and connect your router. Now you’re all set up and can enjoy faster internet with HD or 4K streaming, faster downloads, and uninterrupted surfing and gaming. Enjoy!

The process can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days. This may vary depending on any number of factors including availability of installation technicians and activation times. Once the line is activated we will send you a WiFi router or contact you to assist with the setup of your own router.

Yes and no. Although a fibre cable and possibly a subscriber unit may be installed at your home there may be some factors that might cause delays. It is generally better to budget on a normal installation lead time that to get your hopes up for an overnight activation.

Checking coverage...

Click here and use the coverage maps to determine whether any of the networks are available at your home.

If Fibre isn’t available in your area yet, you may consider our Wireless packages or you can email us at to find out what your options are.

Shaping and prioritisation...

No, all our Fibre packages are completely uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled – There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like.

No throttling or shaping will be applied.

Any consumer or home internet is always a best effort service. This applies even to Optical Fiber, Wireless & LTE-A. Best effort means that the service provider always does their best to make available as much bandwidth as possible and to resolve issues and keep the network functioning as good and fast as possible, but gives no guarantee about the bandwidth, uptime or resolution times. This helps networks and ISP reduce the cost of their services so that ordinary consumers are able to afford them.

If you need to get a new Fibre line installed, your router will only be delivered once we receive an installation confirmation from the Fibre provider. If you already have Fibre installed, your router will be despatched at the time of your order.



Only Openserve has coverage inside certain business complexes but it’s important to note that the service levels maintained is not optimal for business use.

As a business you expect VIP treatment and super fast fault resolution times. Residential services simply does not cater for this and we can therefore not with a clean conscience recommend a residential service to a business. You will likely swear at us if your internet connection goes down and you have to wait 2-3 days for a technician to restore your service.

FYI. Residential services are all best effort and provides no guarantees in terms of uptime, bandwidth or response and resolution turnaround times.

If you do sign up for a residential service with the intent of using it for business you do so at your own discretion.

No! You do not require a telephone line in order to get fibre connectivity. You do have the option of adding a VoIP phone line however.

The simple answer is no.

Although some DSL (especially VDSL) routers will work on a fibre line they are generally not designed to handle more that 40Mbps internet throughput.

Since fibre is a fixed line service, you will only be able to use it at a single location. Your data account will also be limited to only one address.

The installation fee includes cabling up to 30 metres. If your installation requires additional cabling or trenching, a site survey will be done, after which you will receive a quote from the applicable last-mile provider. Should you choose to proceed, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. The additional cabling is usually directly payable to the applicable last-mile provider.

Installation costs include:

  • Cabling up to 30M
  • Fibre Optic Network Terminal (ONT)

Yes, activation fees are also applicable on line migrations (when you move from one ISP to another).

Fibre lines cannot be “moved”. Instead we need to terminate the old service (standard cancellation terms will apply) and order a new service for the new location.

Any cancellation penalties as set out in the contract will apply.

For free installs where you have a month-to-month contract the full installation fee will apply if you cancel prior to the 6 month minimum period.

For 3, 6, 12 and 24 month contract period 60% of the remaining contract term’s fees will be payable along with the outstanding amount of the installation fees and any other outstanding balances on your account.

No thanks to COVID-19, many people are having a tough time making ends meet and we get that.

However, we do take non-payment seriously and clients who fail to keep their accounts in good standing can expect the following reprecussions:

  1. Suspension of services (services will remain billable while suspended even if you’re on a month-to-month contract)
  2. After 60 days your account will be stopped and services cancelled
  3. We will continue to try and recover the money owed
  4. Continued failure to settle the account will result in a blacklisting with the major credit bureaus. The listing will be removed once full payment is received.

Month-to-month contracts are still contracts. Some people confuse them with pay-as-you-go but this is not true. A month-to-month contract still legally binds you to the terms of the agreement which you signed and terminating such a contract still requires written notice and full payment of outstanding fees.