Parents, keep an eye on your children

The internet is indiscriminate. It delivers its content to anyone who asks for it. It doesn’t care about age, location, gender, beliefs, nationality or whether your child has been grounded or not. Ask and it will deliver.

As a parent your task is particularly difficult. Not only do you need to sensor the content but you also  have to control the where and when. Your child’s education and upbringing is directly related to the things they are exposed to. As if that’s not enough your task is made even harder by the fact that they will almost always choose the phone/tablet above their homework and education.

Parents around the world are employing various strategies to control their children’s access to digital content. Some parents will change the WiFi password and reward their children with the password when they have completed chores or homework. Others will confiscate phones or chargers. The latter is considered the more fun option as you have the satisfaction of watching your children panic while their phone batteries are dying.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of being present with our children all day and we make peace with the idea that our children could explore and waste time to their hearts’ contempt.

As technology advances, so do our challenges and requirements. Luckily for parents not all computer nerds live in their parents’ basement and some (nowadays most) actually got married and have children. These nerds realised that they can control their children’s smart devices.

The parental control app is born! With it you can control what your child sees. You can control how much time they spend on the phone, what apps they install, limit the amount of time they spend with apps, set up time budgets, track their whereabouts and even send them mandatory messages.

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ESET Parental control is available as a free version which includes:

  • Application Guard
  • Fun & Games time limits
  • Fun & Games time budget
  • Basic reports

Want even more protection for your children’s Android smartphones and devices?

Choose premium and enjoy a range of extra features (see below).

*Free features are available indefinitely to all users.

Upgrade to premium features

Take advantage of our special offer and access these premium features free for 30 days!

  • Web Guard
  • Child Locator
  • Parental Message
  • Full reports

Just download ESET Parental Control and activate your free trial.

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