You have grown your business to the point where a more hands-on approach to your IT infrastructure is inevitable. Employing full-time IT personnel isn’t an option since the variety of skills required makes it more expensive than your budget will allow.

There’s no harm in not employing IT personnel. Besides, your business isn’t IT, is it?

Outsourcing your IT to bitCONNECT will give you access to skilled IT personnel who understands your unique requirements and appreciates your business as much as you do.

Outsourcing your IT will save you money. Because we use our skills to serve multiple clients we are able to charge you less and while you could only afford to employ one or two IT persons we have a team. We all know the saying about two heads being better than one, right? Just imagine what a whole team of heads can do for your business.

Our IT management contracts features both onsite and remote support, but what differentiates it from IT support is that we will actively manage and monitor your IT infrastructure. We will ensure that everything runs smoothly, are up to date and properly backed up. We’ll even ensure that your systems are secure and always available. Our IT management contracts include a customised Service Level Agreement and security software for all your systems as a standard.

You can get all of this for one fixed monthly premium that will cost you less and give you peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us now for more information and pricing.