There’s no such thing as reliable free antivirus!

Let’s be honest right off the bat. It’s NOT free! It’s NOT safe!

No IT technician worth his salt will ever recommend nor install any free antivirus software, EVER.

It’s the oldest trick in the book. The AntiVirus vendor allows you to use their application for “free” but just how “free” is it really? An even more relevant question is does it really do what it says it does?

We have seen countless times how so-called free antivirus software has allowed computers to become infected with malware, spyware and even adware.

We recently signed up a new client who was using a well know brand of “free” antivirus software. Well, it started our free. As these things work, the client bought a license for the software and eventually they bought a license for the performance tuning software also advertised by the antivirus package.

Unfortunately having bought the software had not improved the performance nor security of the computer. In fact, the computer’s processor was almost fully utilised all the time, it constantly ran low on memory, secure websites such as internet banking would not open, and every now and again Microsoft Edge would open spawning unknown numbers of tabs all of which failing to load.

It took us about an hour just to get rid of the antivirus software and as soon as it was uninstalled Microsoft’s Windows Defender began detecting malware on the PC. Something which the “free” (then paid for ) antivirus failed to do. Also, all of the aforementioned problems was solved. All that was left for us to do was to install a reputable security package and the client was good to go.

We hooked them up with a trial version of ESET Internet Security which also immediately began detecting previously undetected threats. It is now a week since our visit to the client’s site an none of the issues they experience has recurred. They since agreed to license the software we loaded.

So, my question is; Are you really willing to risk your sensitive information simply because you want to save a couple of hundred bucks? Is it really worth the saving when you are actually inviting these internet scumbags into your computer and ultimately onto your network?

Just remember this. All it takes for a hacker to gain access to all of your information is for a simple spyware application to run on your computer. Free antivirus software does NOT protect you against that.

We trust ESET so much that we give our clients free licenses with their IT support subscriptions and it is the only security software we will even consider selling. We won’t even sell another product if it meant we could make a lot of money off of it.

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