All incidents or faults shall be reported by Customer to the NOC. At the time of such reporting an incident number will be allocated by the NOC. A fault is defined as a condition which makes for the Service to be unavailable or perceived to be unavailable, or to be impaired.

Reported incidents will be logged according to severity levels as follows:

Severity 1: Service not functional.
Severity 2: Service active but the use thereof severely impacted.
Severity 3: Service problem but can be circumvented.
Severity 4: Query.

The response, restoration and resolution times shall be as follows:

In respect of the foregoing times, the following shall apply:

  1. The NOC shall answer the phone within 50 seconds;
    1. The response, restoration and resolution times shall be calculated from the time of the logging of the incident by Customer, which shall also be deemed to be the time that it is logged via the NOC on;
    2. In respect of restoration times, the time that the incident is logged shall determine whether the “Business Hours” or “Other hours” time periods apply;
    3. The restoration times are the average times over a three (3) month period;
    4. In the absence of no severity classification the default severity will be 4;
    5.  Severity levels may only be decreased by the Customer.
  2. Should incidents not be attended to within the times set out in the table above, the matter may be escalated to;
  3. A Party shall be entitled to change the names and/or contact particulars of any of its aforementioned representatives, by giving seven (7) days’ notice thereof in writing to the other Party.
  4. Service credits:
    1. In the event that the actual restoration time exceeds the Restoration Time (as defined in paragraph 0) as specified for the Service on an Order Form, then the following formula will be used to calculate the appropriate service credit payable by Zoom Fibre to Customer:
    2. Service credits shall be limited to 30% (thirty) of the MRC applicable to the Order Form.