Intrinsic Protection

Intrinsic Protection: Protecting your Identity / Family / School / Business

Intrinsic Protection ensures a safer browsing experience at home and work.

Intrinsic Protection safeguards you online by preventing accidental or intentional access to unwanted internet content while protecting you against everyday attacks like phishing, malware and more while respecting your privacy.

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Intrinsic Protection Basic is woven into every internet connection free of charge.

Basic Built-In Protection (Free)

Intrinsic Protection Basic is enabled by default for all bitCONNECT connectivity customers and protection statistics can be made available via our customer portal upon request. This gives customers unprecedented access to security information.

This protection is optional and may be bypassed by configuring an alternative DNS server on the router or on the end-user devices. This filtering scheme uses global domain scoring systems to classify the threat risk level of a domain.

We filter our audit domains that fall within the following categories:

  • Blacklist: Domains that are known to serve multiple nefarious purposes at the same time or over a period of time.
  • Command & Control Domains that facilitate botnet communication to coordinate its activity. A botnet is a network of infected computers, which are controlled as a group.
  • Spam Domains that are linked to spreading spam emails and scam schemes.
  • Compromised Otherwise, legitimate domains that have been hacked and are temporarily used for malicious purposes
  • Malware Domains that host and distribute any kind of malicious code
  • Phishing Domains aim to trick users and extract sensitive information such as credit card details, login credentials, etc.
  • Coin Miner Domains that hijack processing and energy resources for unsolicited crypto currency mining

Privacy Protector

R29 per month

This plan’s purpose is to help you protect your online identity by preventing tracking services such as Google Analytics from collecting information about your online behaviour.

Privacy Protector+

R34 per month

This is an upgrade to Privacy Protector. It includes all the features of Privacy Protector but adds Ad-Blocking to remove those annoying adverts on news websites, blogs, apps and more.

Note: This blocks adverts that are delivered by ad networks such as Google’s Ads. It will not remove adverts delivered as content on platforms such as Facebook and where the publishers use their own advert delivery methods.

Family Safe

R75 per month

The Family Safe Protection Plan is geared for the concerned parent who would like to prevent minors from accessing content that is inappropriate for minors.

Strict Protection

R150 per month

Strict Protection is an upgrade from Family Safe and also prevents access to sites that are unwanted and potentially unsafe or has a tendency to promote high bandwidth usage. In addition to Family Safe, Strict also prevents access to the following categories:

Enterprise Protection

R500 per month

We understand that businesses require versatile filtering solutions to meet their unique requirements. That’s why we provide custom filtering options, empowering our business clients with the flexibility to create personalized blacklists and whitelists, as well as fine-tune the strictness of our security features.

With our robust and adaptable solution, you can effortlessly customize your online protection, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns perfectly with your business objectives. Take control of your online security with our comprehensive suite of customizable filtering solutions.

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Please note that Intrinsic Protection is not a direct replacement for any security software but an additional layer of security we provide to help keep our clients safe on the internet.

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