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Reliable... Fast...

Our wireless internet offers the ultimate in alternative connectivity when it comes to speed and reliability.
If you live in an area without fibre coverage and where DSL proves problematic then our Wireless solution is for you. No, this is not LTE.

levels of fastness




soft fup.


Ideal for home users and SME’s who require a reliable connection but at a lower cost.


Upload 1Mbps


per month


Upload 2Mbps


per month


Upload 3Mbps


per month


Upload 4Mbps

R1 149

per month​


Upload 7Mbps

R1 729

per month​


Upload 10Mbps

R2 299

per month

Installation fee

Equipment Rental

Installation Fee
R1 999

Minimum Term
12 Months

WiFi router:
Use your own or choose from one of our suitable options.

Wireless FUP

Package Fair Use Notification
(rolling 30 days)
5mbps 500GB
10mbps 750GB
15mbps 1'000GB
20mbps 1'250GB
35mbps 1'500GB
50mbps 2'000GB

What happens if I exceed the Fair Use Limit on my package?

We do not throttle (reduce speed), shape (set you on a lower priority) or disconnect customers when reaching/exceeding their package Fair Use data threshold. Instead we will send the account holder an email and/or SMS notification requesting that you reduce your usage or upgrade to a package with a higher Fair Use Notification. Should the account holder not reduce their usage or upgrade to a suitable package, WIRUlink may give you 1 (one) calendar month notice that the service will be cancelled, as per the Service Agreement.

Home Users



Small Business



Do I have coverage...?

Allow our connectivity champions to find the best available solution for you.

Need Help...?

No Telephone Line Needed... Connect More Devices... Fast & Reliable... Unlimited Joy!...

Although we endeavor to keep our coverage data as accurate as possible, we are reliant on the maps provided to us by our last-mile partners, which may sometimes have slight inaccuracies. The installation and activation fees are prescribed by the last-mile provider, not bitCONNECT

Getting Started...

Wireless internet is ideally suited if you are in an area lacking fibre coverage or if you are looking for a highly reliable secondary internet connection.

Step 01 – Complete our coverage enquiry form on this page.

Step 02 – Wait for us to check you coverage. If you are covered then sign up with bitCONNECT via our online application process.

Step 03 –  Once we receive your application it will undergo a quick vetting to ensure that your financials are in order. We will then proceed to order the service. Within a few day we will be able to provide you with an installation appointment date.

Step 04 – On the day of the installation our install teams will conduct an on-site survey to ensure that we’ll be able to reliably provide the service you ordered. Once the feasibility is confirmed the install team will commence the installation.

The process can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days. This may vary depending on any number of factors including availability of installation technicians and even the weather.

We are always looking at ways to make the best possible internet access affordable for everyone. Because of the new improved hardware, a new customer installation costs us over R7 500 per installation. Instead of simply passing this total once-off cost on to customers, we give customers three rental options (Month to Month, 12 Months or 24 Months) of how they want to pay for this at heavily subsidised rates.

Checking coverage...

Click here and complete our coverage enquiry form. This process ensures that a coverage specialist checks all the available options and provide you with the beste available options for your location.

If you do not have coverage on our wireless network then our coverage specialists will do their best to find you an alternative solution and will provide you with a quote accordingly.

Shaping and prioritisation...

No, all our Wireless packages are completely uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled – We do however have a “soft FUP”. This FUP will not affect the performance of your internet connection at any time but we will use it however to warn you if your usage is abnormally high. We may have to ask you to upgrade to a more suitable package should your usage continue to be abnormally high.

No throttling or shaping will be applied.

Any consumer or home internet is always a best effort service. This applies to Optical Fiber, Wireless & LTE-A. Best effort means that the service provider always does their best to make available as much bandwidth as possible and to resolve issues and keep the network functioning as good and fast as possible, but gives no guarantee about the bandwidth, uptime or resolution times. This helps networks and ISP reduce the cost of their services so that ordinary consumers are able to afford them.

Our express wireless packages are best effort while our professional packages come with an SLA.


Yes. Our wireless packages are suitable for business use but please note that your internet connection is business critical we highly recommend that you consider our Professional packages rather than our Express packages.

Our Professional packages are perfectly suited for business use where uptime and service is of utmost importance to you. The Professional packages have (1) a higher upload speed, (2) is uncontended 1:1, (3) higher Fair Use notification thresholds, (4) a free static IP address, (5) you get priority 2nd-level support, (6) a higher Service Level Agreement (SLA) and time to repair with service credit penalties.

No! You do not require a telephone line in order to get wireless connectivity. You do have the option of adding a VoIP phone line however. Ask our sales team about the available options.

The simple answer is no.

Although some DSL (especially VDSL) routers will work on a wireless connection you may have to perform additional configurations in order to get it working correctly.

Our once-off install fee which applies to month-to-month contracts covers only the labour and materials used. In addition we levy a monthly equipment rental fee which includes the outdoor equipment and fittings. The WiFi router is charged separately based on the option you choose during the signup process.

Yes, there are fees payable for the removal and reinstallation of the equipment and will be quoted at the time of your request.

For free installs where you have a month-to-month contract the full installation fee will apply if you cancel prior to the 6 month minimum period.

For 3, 6, 12 and 24 month contract period 60% of the remaining contract term’s fees will be payable along with the outstanding amount of the installation fees and any other outstanding balances on your account.

No thanks to COVID-19, many people are having a tough time making ends meet and we get that.

However, we do take non-payment seriously and clients who fail to keep their accounts in good standing can expect the following reprecussions:

  1. Suspension of services (services will remain billable while suspended even if you’re on a month-to-month contract)
  2. After 60 days your account will be stopped and services cancelled
  3. We will continue to try and recover the money owed
  4. Continued failure to settle the account will result in a blacklisting with the major credit bureaus. The listing will be removed once full payment is received.

Month-to-month contracts are still contracts. Some people confuse them with pay-as-you-go but this is not true. A month-to-month contract still legally binds you to the terms of the agreement which you signed and terminating such a contract still requires written notice and full payment of outstanding fees.

Danie PretoriusIT Manager - SANPARKS
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The best and most reliable service I have ever experienced from any ISP I used so far in my life. Superb, fast and caring, going the extra mile even after hours and weekends. Thanks "Die Internet" part of bitCONNECT) and especially Lionel for the awesome service and advice always! I am a demanding customer and you never disappoint!
Rosslyn Potgieter
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Bitconnect is THE MOST AWESOME Internet provider company. Overall BEST AFTER SERVICE in all companies in SA.. After been through hell.. Telkom & Supersonic, (Plus a few irritating Insurance companies) it is absolute heaven to have Bitconnect as my service provider. All questions get answered and SOLVED sooo quick! Never lost signal.. 5 Gold Stars ***** You guys ROCK! Highly recommended! Gold Medal! Award for: BEST SERVICE PROVIDER IN SA! Rosslyn Potgieter sais keep up the good work
Abrie Viljoen
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I have received very good service from bitCONNECT, I feel that their VoIP is the latest tech and works very reliably. We don't have any physical hardware at our offices so when the lockdown was set we could send home all our employees just with a VoIP phone and a laptop and at home just simply plugged the phone into their own routers and we where back online. Our clients never even knew that we where running our office sitting miles apart but the system functioned as if we where all in our office. The VoIP from bitCONNECT is a must in these lockdown load shedding times, it keeps our business connected and operating even when the rest of the area isn't.
Ridwaan AdamCEO - CPU cc
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Excellent one on one service, the Bitconnect team are always available to help and its always great to reach someone when you have any type of query. I have always experienced a proactive approach to service from Bitconnect, anytime there are service issues they immediately inform us with regular updates until the issues are resolved. I rate this level of service 5 Stars for IT Professionals and End users who depend on a reliable ISP and overall IT services. No query too small for them and great advise on solutions, I never feel like I am being over pitched on solutions for my customer requirements. Bitconnect always offers me the most cost effective and efficient solutions for my clients needs and care is taken that whatever is offered is scalable or future proof as much as possible. The owner Lionel is a real pleasure to work with and is hands on all the time which is something i really appreciate since i know the job will be done to my satisfaction and I can focus on my job to maintain my clients needs. --Ridwaan Adam --Director : CPU cc --Managed IT Services provider South Africa