VoIP Lines

VoIP Lines

Get a FREE VoIP line for your small, medium or large enterprise.

Get a FREE VoIP line for a single phone or telephone system

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the term we use to describe a collection of technologies and methods used to deliver voice, fax, SMS and voice-messaging over IP communications networks such as the internet. Here’s the full definition on Wikipedia – Voice over IP

Get a Free VoIP line

Do you have a small, medium or large enterprise or do you operate a call center? Do you need a new number or an additional trunk for your existing telephone system?

As long as you are a business, we’ll give you a VoIP line at no cost. You only pay for the calls you make.

Tariff plans


Ideal for Small and Medium enterprises
Free Line
  • Free VoIP Line
  • Telkom: R0.35/min
  • VoIP: R0.40/min
  • Cellular: R0.75/min
  • On-Net: Free
  • Call Lines: No Limit
  • Number Porting: R250 each
  • Monthly spend < R5000
  • Opening deposit: R500


Ideal for large enterprises or call centers
Free Line
  • Free VoIP Line
  • Telkom: R0.30/min
  • VoIP: R0.35/min
  • Cellular: R0.50/min
  • On-Net: Free
  • Call Lines: No Limit
  • Number Porting: R250 each
  • Monthly spend of > R5 000
  • Opening deposit: R2500


Ideal if you have a custom requirement
Free Line
  • Free VoIP Line
  • Telkom: custom
  • VoIP: custom
  • Cellular: custom
  • On-Net: Free
  • Call Lines: No Limit
  • Number Porting: custom
  • Large volume spend
  • Opening deposit: 50% of spend
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Frequent Questions

Will this work with my current system?

Yes, our VoIP lines are fully SIP compliant and will work with any device or system that supports the SIP protocol.

Can I keep my existing number?

If you are replacing your current VoIP service with a bitCONNECT line then you can keep your existing number as long as it is a geographic number such as 011, 021, 031, etc.

Will this work for me regardless of the scale of my system?

Yes. Our VoIP lines are able to handle hundreds of concurrent calls and our systems already does millions of minutes each month. 

Will I ever experience downtime?

We cannot promise 100% uptime. However, our VoIP systems are extremely robust and have multiple failover facilities to minimise downtime. 

You will more likely experience downtime due to an internet outage. Ask us about our robust connectivity failover solutions.

Will I be able to make international calls?

Yes. Our VoIP lines to support international dialing. Please note that you will need to request this functionality as we normally bar international dialing as an anti-fraud measure.

What connectivity do you recommend?

You will experience the most benefit from a fibre internet connection. Ideally it should be a service with guaranteed bandwidth, uptime and a 1:1 contention. 

Alternatively, a licensed spectrum (carrier grade) wireless connection should deliver good results too.

For small systems with less than 10 concurrent calls an LTE service should work well. We offer a voice only LTE APN solution that delivers crystal clear voice when other infrastructure isn’t available.

Do I need to pay anything to get my line?

Although we do not charge any monthly fees for this service, we do require an up-front deposit. See the tariff plans above for details.

The opening deposit will be credited to your account and the full balance will be available for use on VoIP minutes.

Need a VoIP system?

Choose one of our affordable solutions to use with your free VoIP line

Virtual PBX

Ideal for smaller applications with up to 20 people working at the same or multiple locations.

On-site PBX

Suitable for all applications that require equipment on-site including call centres & hospitality.


A software PBX used by enterprises of varying size with single or multiple branches.

I have received very good service from bitCONNECT. I feel that their VoIP is the latest tech and works very reliably.

We don't have any physical hardware at our offices so when the lockdown was set we could send home all our employees just with a VoIP phone and a laptop and at home just simply plugged the phone into their own routers and we where back online. Our clients never even knew that we were running our office sitting miles apart but the system functioned as if we where all in our office.

The VoIP from bitCONNECT is a must in these lockdown load shedding times, it keeps our business connected and operating even when the rest of the area isn't.

Abrie Viljoen (Model Maker Systems)