Free To Use Router

We will provide a free to use router to any client who do not already have a suitable router of their own.


The router provided by bitCONNECT will be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. This will generally protect against hardware defects that relates to the manufacturer’s manufacturing processes and any of the components that comprises the router.

Please refer to the relevant manufacturers’ websites or the included warranty card for full details.


bitCONNECT will replace the router up to two times should it become inoperable due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Accidental damage
  2. Damage by lightning or power surge
  3. Damage by acts of God e.g. floods
  4. Any other non-vandalism related reasons


bitCONNECT will not replace the router if it gets lost, stolen or defunct for any reason other than those mentioned above

The client is therefore responsible for replacing the router with the same or better model. The client is further responsible for insuring the router for its full replacement value.


The router will be provided to the client at no cost, however the router will remain the property of bitCONNECT Pty Ltd. The client may use the router for as long as is necessary. If the client replaces the router with another model then the router must be returned to bitCONNECT in its original condition and packaging.

The client will be responsible for the replacement of the router if bitCONNECT receives it back from the client and any or all of the following issues are present:

  1. Missing original PSU.
  2. Not in original packaging.
  3. Visibly damaged outer casing.
  4. Missing any of its original accessories.
  5. The router otherwise be in a state in which bitCONNECT is unable to reuse it for another client.

Should the client wish to keep the router upon termination of their services then the client may purchase the router from bitCONNECT at the end of the agreement at 50% of the current retail value for the same or similar model.

Device Model

The make and model of the router/s supplied may vary from time-to-time and will depend on varying factors such as stock availability, price, known issues, new or desired features and so on. We always take into consideration the development of newer technologies and will try and use hardware that incorporates the latest technologies as far as is possible within the financial allotment for client hardware.

On certain networks such as Zoom Fibre and Evotel it is possible for us to make use of the network provided ONT for router functionality. In such a case we may elect not to supply a standalone router and instead utilise the network provided ONT.

In cases where the network provided ONT does not deliver the desired performance, bitCONNECT may at its sole discretion elect to provide to the client a router which it deems fit for the purpose. 

User Supplied Device

The client may elect to use any router of their choosing and undertakes to make use of a router which conforms to at least the specifications provided by bitCONNECT. By doing so the client agrees that they will bear full responsibility for the procurement and cost of such router. 

The client may at any time request assistance from bitCONNECT with regard to the setup and maintenance of such router but accepts that bitCONNECT will not be responsible for the successful operation and/or performance of such router nor will bitCONNECT bear any responsibility for its hardware failure for any reason whatsoever except where the client purchased such router from bitCONNECT and the standard factory warranty as described in the product’s warranty information booklet is applicable.