WiFi coverage and related issues

The subscriber may from time to time experience issues related to its WiFi network due to wireless signal quality or insufficient coverage. While the supplier will provide basic support on the client’s main WiFi router the client should note that the supplier is not responsible for the client’s internal network, WiFi coverage, signal quality or any other aspects of the client’s experience that are not directly related to the internet service. The supplier’s responsibility ends at the router’s authentication to our network.

The supplier provides no warranty for the coverage and/or signal quality of the WiFi network at the subscriber’s premises.

The subscriber shall extend the range of his WiFi and/or physical network according to their requirements.

Using wireless network extenders almost always worsen the quality of a WiFi network. The subscriber uses such extenders at their own risk.

The supplier recommends extending WiFi network coverage by installing a network cable to a suitable location and connecting an additional wireless access point to it. The supplier further recommends that the client utilize the services of a qualified service provider to supply and install suitable equipment in order to extend the client’s network and to improve/eliminate WiFi dead spots and issues with signal quality.

If the client does not have their own I.T. provider then the supplier may recommend a suitable provider for the client to use. All dealings between the client and a provider which the supplier recommended remain strictly between those parties. The supplier shall not be held liable or be involved in any way in any disputes or legal action between such providers and the client. The client is under no obligation to use a provider recommended by the supplier.

The subscriber shall bear the full costs associated with extending their network. The subscriber shall at all times deal directly with their provider of choice and will not involve the supplier unless it is directly related to the services provided by the supplier.