Installation Fee Waiver

All of our fibre internet packages are subject to the below up-front once-off fees.

  1. Installation
  2. Activation
  3. Gigabit router

In most cases the installation and activation fees are reported on our website as a combined fee and is referred to collectively as the “Installation Fee”.

The above fees are dependent on the respective fibre network’s fee structure as listed on the relevant product page and the available router stock at the time of purchase.

Should you opt-in for our installation fee waiver then you are agreeing to a minimum12 month subscription term or a minimum term as indicated under “minimum term” on your application. In exchange for your term commitment we will cover the above costs on your behalf. If you cancel the agreement before the end of the 12 month period then you will forfeit this benefit and be liable for the above costs and as listed on the relevant product pages.

Unlike traditional contracts there will be no penalties or cancellation fees if you cancel before the end of the minimum term and you will be liable only for the waived fees.

Whether or not you opt-in for the waiver will not affect the package price and it is important to know that the waiver is completely optional. If you do not want to commit to the minimum term then these fees will be payable immediately when your service is activated.

Early termination for whatever reason within the first 3 months of this agreement will render this agreement null and void and the waived fess will become payable. This also includes relocation within the first 3 months of this agreement.

Early termination due to relocation

If you need to early terminate your services with us due to relocation then we will waive the fees if;

  1. You are able to substitute yourself with the new tenant to serve out the remainder of the minimum term, or;
  2. Order your internet service for the new premises from us and agree to an additional 6 months added to the original 12 month minimum term.
    1. If you request early termination of the new 18 month minimum term then you will be liable for the once-off fees of the original installation as well as that of the new installation.

We will allow only one term extension. If you again choose to terminate early because of relocation then all the original fees as well as fees related to the term extension will become payable.

You may opt for a new 12 month term should you wish to remain a bitCONNECT client. All terms as set out above will apply.

bitCONNECT may at its sole discretion choose to refuse the new fee waiver term.